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Originally Posted by Tender Rip View Post
22.06.2012 - less than a week ago.

So not only did I find the quote where you express your satisfaction about signing Martin on the day it happened (something you claim you were not), because with him and Michalek we would have a top 3 defence (something you claimed you never said), we also have the one from this week where you declared yourself pissed he was signed rather than signing Ray Whitney...(and I am supposed to infer that 'pissed' means.... something else than pissed.... and was only relative to a potential Whitney signing?

You ask a lot me in terms of benign and thorough reading of your arguments and the thoughts behind them then. Slightly more than you will offer the other way around, I might add. And taking you at your word makes me a liar....

Those are lofty context demands from a guy who stubbornly insist - despite a now near infinite number of requests for more than one very unusual example corroborating the whole notion that we're actually debating - that:
Unreal how you twist things.

The **** poor way you phrased your statement made it seem as if I said the Pens had a top three defense and didn't need to sign Martin. When people lie, it's hard to follow what they are trying to convey. So perhaps don't make things up if you want a legit answer back.

Also, that is your evidence I "repeatedly" shunned the Martin signing? Oh nos... I was mad for all of an hour or so they didn't sign Whitney and signed Martin instead... You really nailed me good bro!

How many times in this thread alone did I say I prefered Whitney, was upset for a bit they missed out on him, read what guys like Cole wrote, then changed my mind because they made very valid points about the rarity of finding top four blueliners without giving up assets?

It took me reading about half a dozen of their pro Martin posts, then the lightbulb went on. You assume I pouted for days, like perhaps you did?

It also took me about an hour to get over drafting Despres instead of Ferraro when I reasoned it out. I don't sit around whining about things out of my control, perhaps that is your style, not mine.

Of course the proof is all there as you readily admitted you recall me along with yourself, Jags and others pulling for Whitney. Then when Martin was signed, I supported it, because Cole especially convinced me it was the best move. I can't be anymore crystal clear in my explanation, yet somehow you still can't connect the dots (obviously not your strong suit).

Which brings us back to the point where you claimed I "repeatedly" went on about Martin being a bad signing this year, yet you admit below I have been supporting him.

Derp. You got caught in a lie.

And yep, let's get back to talking about DP... I have no clue why you decided to steer our debate towards Martin, Letestu and lies.

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