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06-28-2012, 02:39 PM
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Originally Posted by 211 View Post
anderson silva is already the greatest fighter of all time why doesnt he just retire? he destroys top 10 competition with such skill its remarkable.
Lionel Messi might already be the best soccer player of all time ... why doesn't he retire?

Hint: he's 24.

Same thing for Pele, who was 29 when he won the 1970 World Cup (his third).

Hint: he would have never played for the New York Cosmos, three years which was no small part of his legacy.

Anderson Silva may well be the greatest combat athlete of all time. I do think 2010 Anderson Silva could take 1988 Mike Tyson in a no-rules fight. But even that doesn't mean Chael Sonnen can't and won't stomp him in this fight. It's not a matter of comparing who has the higher "OVERALL" rating in UFC Undisputed ... it's all about how skill sets match up, and Chael may well be Anderson's kryptonite.

I can't wait ...

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