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Originally Posted by OkimLom View Post
Whatever happened to just watching a game and having an opinion off that, instead of looking at numbers?

To this day, I thought Hecht was our best defensive forward for a long time. I did this by watching the game, not by looking at numbers and thinking "oh, Ruff puts Hecht out there on 60% of his shifts in the defensive zone, so that must mean he's our best defensive forward".

But I guess that's what message boards are for huh? To express your opinion and try to shout louder than the others until the other person walks away.
Oh, I still look at guys and have an opinion based off what I see. It isn't malice towards him (or Hecht) but more a support of the impression of what it is that I'm seeing. I personally enjoy Ennis, love his dynamic abilities and his zest for scoring. He's fun to watch and ultimately, that's what pro sports is about for me -- is it fun to watch (and therefore spend my money on to watch). I personally like that they have two youngsters with complimentary skill sets in he and Hodgson -- they are different and unique and each brings something to the dance. Much like Drury-Briere, there isn't really a need in my mind to have one better than the other as both fill roles that need filling. Color me excited for the future with the under 22 set of players they've assembled so far.

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