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06-28-2012, 02:41 PM
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Originally Posted by Melrose_Jr. View Post
Are you saying that's rationale for almost tripling his salary?

I'm not trying to take anything away from Prust. THIS team needs to be more fiscally responsible when it comes to the contracts they hand out for these bottom half roles.
i have absolutely no idea how you would come to that conclusion. nothing i said had anything at all to do with salary. you commented on his playoff performance. his playoff performance -- like gaborik's had a pretty solid excuse.

Originally Posted by Melrose_Jr. View Post
I like Prust, but honesty, I expected to see more during the playoffs.
tell me you're not saying that he underperformed in the playoffs. you said it clear as day.

is 2.2 or w/e ALLEGED(once again for on the off-chance that you missed the concept-- the price was not confirmed to be 2.2... that's the speculation) price that he was asking overpaying? sure as hell. is 1.8m overpaying? more than likely... but that is only a rumor.

what is not a rumor is that sather said he was not signing prust. prust tweeted in response to sather's comments... immature? sure, but he was not the one that started it... people make it sound like prust just went out of his way to start ww3 with the management.

i don't mind people being mad that prust may have asked for too much money or that people are glad we didn't overpay for him. i'm glad too.

what bothers me is the fact that people blame prust for tweeting a response to our gm who CLEAR AS DAY told a reporter that he was not planning on resigning prust(if i had to guess before he actually told prust) and fail to acknowledge that sather said something he shouldn't have... i also find it completely baffling that people blame him for a shoddy playoff performance despite playing with a torn tendon in his finger.

/endrant... hopefully you can at least see the logic here. i'm sure some of you may not like the tweet, but i hope you have at least an equal amount of disgust for sather... i mean sather certainly hurt prust's chances in the market.

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