Thread: Speculation: Jokinen heading to free agency
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06-28-2012, 02:50 PM
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Originally Posted by Ice Cream Man View Post
Maybe you just watched him in NY. He's been fine for Calgary - putting up points and re-inventing his game to play more of a two-way role. You don't play on a mediocre team's second line and put up points if you're a terrible player. His only real annoying flaw is his inconsistency - and he still put up 61 points this season.

I think you just have an irrational hate for a player that's better than you're advertising him as.
Maybe I watched him everywhere he's played and came to this belief long before he ever had anything to do with the Rangers. My opinion of the player is derived from both my observation of him and analysis of statistics. I don't know how much more rational I can get. I have absolutely no reason to be biased against him. You, on the other hand, have plenty of reason to be biased for him.

Originally Posted by tikkanen5rings View Post
What a ******** of ****.
He is a smart physical BIG center with a good nose for the net. In his prime he was a top 7 C league wide.
One can only do so much by him self.

Maybe he is a bit selfish but that comes from being the only offencive threat in a horrible Panthers team.
This is a great player who receives undeserved flak for having a funny face and playing in horrible teams
And so do you.

He's neither smart (in fact, he's really, really not smart) and he's not nearly physical enough for a player of his size. At no point in his career was he ever close to being a top 7 C league wide. He put up big numbers while taking an obscene amount of shots on a mediocre team. Isn't it a coincidence how every time he's on a team, they seem to be horrible or mediocre? Maybe he's part of the reason they're horrible or mediocre?

Great player.

I'll stand by my opinion. He's one of the dumbest "star" offensive players this league has ever seen. A guy that drives coaches nuts with his decision making, particularly in the offensive zone.

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