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06-28-2012, 03:39 PM
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Originally Posted by Libertine View Post
I don't think a one dimensional forward who hurts the team as much as he helps it is not someone I want leading my team. He is a good guy, but I don't want anyone following his example. Could they afford Suter while also signing a backup and re-signing Jake? That's debatable. The Flyers have contracts coming off the books, but they still need to replace those players while re-signing their youth. It's not as easy as you make it out to be. Timonen is a UFA. Who takes his minutes? Does Holmgren attempt to sign a Weber to replace him? If so his money is no longer going towards the young players.

I don't believe the prospect pool was stocked up this year.

No one is expecting him to perform without flaws, but when you overpay more often than not and you're peeing away draft picks more often than not then you're preventing yourself from icing the best team possible IMO. Look at Detroit. Do you see them constantly see making big splashes in free agency and trading players? This year will be the first time because their home grown talent in Lidstrom retired.
That's the problem. You people whine about lack of homegrown talent but when someone is retiring and going to leave we need to go out and trade for somebody. Or sign Suter. You people almost think just like Holmgren. How about its time for Coburn and the other young guys to step up and take Kimmo's place? Why do we need to go out and sign Suter or Parise? These guys can't be babied for ever. They need to take that next step.

It is easy. As you claim all we have to do is not trade our picks and let all of our draft picks develop. You see how stupid that thinking is? Sure you need prospects but if you need to address a need now you have to give up some of those assets. If you want those support players to help our young talent you are going to have to give up assets in a trade.

How many organizations have had the same consistency of Detroit? I hate when people use them as an example because they nearly outclass every NHL team. Damnit i want a cup in Philly too. But this organization when it comes to putting a competitive product on the ice they have been consistent in doing it for MANY years.

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