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06-28-2012, 04:25 PM
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a) Whoa, that's where I play beer league hockey!

b) From the video it's clearly on purpose and pre-meditated, and it's pretty insane that an adult would flip out like this on a 13 year old. Apparently he was verbally abusing the kid all game too:
One parent of the Richmond Steel, who did not want to be identified, said the incident started after the Steel player who was injured started to celebrate the opening goal.

“He was celebrating and he skated by the [opposing] bench and obviously, the coach said something to him because the player then turned around and gave him the finger,” the parent said.
“Every time that kid was on the ice, you could see the coach would be talking to him, trash talking him, basically,” added the parent.

“It was to the point where the kid was visibly upset on the bench.”
c) The game was over, and the coach wasn't even a player in the first place. This should be treated no differently than any other case of a grown man assaulting a 13 year old and breaking his wrist. He should be charged and convicted with assault, and serve at least a small amount of time in an actual prison

d) If I was running any sort of minor hockey league, I certainly would not let him coach after this incident. This should be the end of his minor hockey coaching career

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