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06-28-2012, 05:20 PM
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Originally Posted by welcometothebigshow2 View Post
CHSB, you've gotta be crazy. As of right now Moncton has a much better team than Bathurst. I will break it down for you.
Bissonnette-OBrien-Hynes = Veilleux-Saulnier-Saulnier
Very close so I will give it a tie.
Zboril-Lalancette-Zdrahal< Jaskin-Barbashev-Lalonde
This isn't even close.
Salvail-Lafontaine-Stevens> Penny-Robichaud-Johnston
Bathurst's third line is better offensively, Moncton's is better defensively. Close, but will give edge to the Titan.
*Fourth line doesn't matter*
So far it's 1-1.

Houle-Godin < Downe-Melindy
This isnt close either. Monctons top pairing looks much better.
Monctons second pair is better without a doubt.
Davis-Robert < Sweeney-McGurty
Monctons third pair has better size, and is just all around better.
Moncton is winning 4-1.
If i could, Id give Moncton about 5 points here, they are that much better in nets, but I will be fair and give one point.
I will give another point to Moncton for their coaching, which is much better than Bathurst's. That makes it 6-1. Not even close. And Im not a Wildcats fan either. Its just common sense to know that Moncton is better. Sure, if Bathurst adds another top 6 forward, and two legitimate top pairing defenceman, they could be close. But right now, Moncton has a much better team.

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