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Originally Posted by DAChampion View Post
The only way the cap is going up is if the owners are making more money.

The cap accounts for 57% of leaggue revenue, so every time the cap increases the owners make MORE money. That includes the Habs.

- Ticket prices are going up every year.
- US Dollar is going down every year.
- There's no longer any revenue sharing being pumped into Atlanta.

Geoff Molson smiles every time the cap goes up.
Canadian dollar is forecast to drop to 86 cents in 2013.....Goona be some air let out of NHL tires.

The loonie will hit 86 cents US next year: Capital Economics

By John Shmuel, Financial Post June 26, 2012

TORONTO - Capital Economics is expecting the loonie to weaken further this year against the U.S. dollar, before falling to $0.86 US next year

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