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Originally Posted by jomas View Post
It's great that they signed him up for longer, but isn't 10 years a little bit much?
He's a great goalie, but you can't see that far down his career, it's a little iffy to me.
However his potential is there, and he does derserve a good contract.
It's not any riskier than any other long term deal in the league. You can't guarantee a player's health nor viability long term. Goaltenders are usually more unpredictable than anyone else, so we understand that.

We'll have to see what kind of details, NMCs, NTCs, etc. before we can really judge the deal. If Quick has a full NMC for ten years, then ouch, yeah, that's quite the risk. However, I'm sure Lombardi structured it so that he can have the option to trade or waive Quick in the waning years of his contract if his play has dropped off that much.

And again, this is a goaltender who has never had a major injury (knock on wood) because of his commitment to fitness and health. Quick was played into the ground in 09/10, starting over 70 games, and came back into camp for 10/11 in better shape so he could last longer down the stretch. Kid is committed and as mentally tough as any player in the NHL. He has proved all of this over the last three years.

Lombardi did not hand out this contract on a whim because Quick came out of nowhere and had one fantastic season. Quick has improved every year he's been in the NHL and shown the utmost commitment to his physical health, the team, and improving his own game. There's not much more you can ask for from a player, hence the long term deal. Lombardi is not one to just hand out these kinds of contracts. He's played hardball with every single player he's signed to a deal, including his stars. Just look at the Doughty situation last season. Lombardi clearly has faith in Quick, and he should.

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