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06-28-2012, 06:27 PM
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Originally Posted by Tony O View Post
It won’t stay at 70.2 million. If CBA ends up being a 50/50 revenue split, the cap will be around 62 to 64 million. Plus the cap floor will be coming down too. Also, for the Ducks benefit, some type of real revenue sharing.
The best part about that? The apparent strategy of higher spending teams is to keep spending so they can't lower the cap that much, or have to help them out. I like JBo as a possible Brian Campbell-type trade option, but I have a feeling once this CBA is signed, there's going to be plenty of soft deals to be had.

As for Suter, we actually do have a pretty good advantage over some teams in the sense that cap hit isn't that big of a deal and never likely will be, just actual dollars. For instance, let's say a team like Detroit wants him, they probably offer something like a 12-year deal worth $75 million. $6.25 million cap hit, but the last couple years are kind of bogus so he really earns closer to $7 million a year for the first 9 or 10 years. But, a team like Anaheim could come in and offer a 10-year deal worth the same amount and not bat an eyelash. For the Ducks it isn't a big deal, as they're not as likely to be a cap team, and if they can afford to pay him such a figure, they don't need to inflate it with bogus years.

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