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06-28-2012, 07:34 PM
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Originally Posted by Bench View Post
I love when people say this. I LOVE IT. Because it's so untrue.

Highest wing goal totals with Penguins:
2012: Neal 40
2011: Kunitz 23
2010: Guerin 21
2009: Sykora 25
2008: Hossa 29
2007: Recchi 24

Nobody has hit 30 on Malkin's wing since he entered the league. Nobody. Or Crosby's wing for that matter, those numbers come from the highest wing scorer totals. On Malkin's wing, some years, you could expect the numbers to be even less. But even with the benefit of the doubt given, the average top wing goal total for the Penguins is 24.4.

Then Neal comes along and scores 40. Almost 16 goals above the average.

Yeah, but "anybody" could do it. Let's just be honest that Neal is an amazing player and probably worth more than Goligoski and that's how trades work sometimes. Whoops.
I still question if Neal would have ever become the player he is (and pens fans hope will be/stay) if he hadn't had the wake up call of a trade. IMO the shift by shift effort he demonstrated in Pitt was sorely lacking here. As to why, who knows.

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