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06-28-2012, 10:09 PM
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That's great that we have a core that is mostly under contract and still young.

The problem is, its been tried. And it lost in the first round twice.

I'm sorry but you can't look at this core and say its a contender after that. You lose twice in the first round, you make changes, or you are deluded. Bowman seems to be deluded.

I am not someone who wants to make changes just to make changes. The fact is, the team as it was the last two years was not good enough. Try to run it again, and it will again not be good enough. We aren't the Sharks. The Sharks had success, just not quite enough to push over the hump. We're nowhere near that. We didn't even deserve to MAKE the playoffs two years ago, and last year certainly didn't change anything.

There is no "putting all chips on the table" going on here. What is being talked about is taking a risk to improve the team. Bowman appears to be playing it safe. Unfortunately that just means spinning our wheels in mediocrity some more.

I don't want to move Saad. I think he can be a core player and moving him would be counterproductive, since as an unproven prospect he would not command the necessary return to make up for it.

But we can't sit as we are. Those who fail to learn from history, yadda yadda.

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