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06-28-2012, 09:14 PM
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Originally Posted by zytz View Post
Pretty good overall, I'd say. They were in the playoffs and highly competitive every year for a good stretch; you can point at their lack of cup and say it's because the strategy is ineffective but you'd be wrong.

if you put all your chips on the table for one season you're just 1 or 2 key injuries away from instantly becoming a non-contender. If youre in contention every year the above still applies, but chances are low it happens every single year.

I think the Sharks specific problem is that their core was built on players that were just a little too old. I think they're realizing that now and are in a weird semi-rebuild sort of phase where their young talent is beginning to take the reins from the like of Thornton and Marleau.

The benefit we have is the majority of our core is under 30, and we have a glut of young guys in Rockford ready to start jumping in as guys like Hossa start to age, and Toews and Kane will continue doing what they do because in 5 years they'll both still be in their twenties, and will both be the offensive centerpieces as they are now. Transitioning aging players out should go much better for us because they aren't our centerpiece players or our captain.
It doesn't matter if the Hawks are afraid or too stupid to make the moves. The Sharks have made moves, trading Heatley and Setoguchi, signing Niemi and now Stuart. They are tying to add Nash or another scoring winger.

Seems every other contender is trying to improve their holes while the Hawks think their problems with magically disappear or fix themselves and they won't..

The upsetting thing is the Hawks are close, much closer then most teams but our management seems to be afraid to try and make the necessary moves to go from close to winning because if they mess up then they looks bad.

Again I would rather the Hawks really went out and tried to win and mad a bad move then where just good but not good enough over the next few years because Bowman was afraid to make the necessary moves.

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