Thread: Confirmed with Link: Fayne out with wrist surgery for 3-4 months
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06-28-2012, 09:34 PM
Here we go again.
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Originally Posted by tailfins View Post
No way the team can bring back Sal IMO. younger players are coming through the pipeline and we are a cash challenged team. From a budgeting standpoint, I couldn't see spending the extra money on Sal.
Originally Posted by Feed Me A Stray Cat View Post
Bringing back Sal is pointless. We already have six surefire NHLers for our blueline next year. Plus guys like Urbom, Gelinas, and potentially Merrill to push for a spot.
I agree, but with Fayne's injury I see Lou tempted to bring back Sal. Best case scenario is that Sal gets a nice 2 year deal on 7/1 from another team and that would close up that option.

Originally Posted by Richer's Ghost View Post
Sort of the same issue I was trying to bring up earlier about AHLers and depth charts a year or two from now if you're truly putting the best current players on the ice this season.

It's not a FIFO system we have down in Albany these days and I fear some players I was excited about are going to get leap frogged and possibly find themselves not getting played with thanks to some shinier new toys arriving.

So many ways to assemble this defense the next year or three and I'm wondering if you assemble it to maximize return over year 1 or all three because I think that spells a different roster and certainly some different names getting signed on the bottom line of contracts.
I found the use of FIFO system funny for some reason

Ok, I see what you meant now, but I still think Urbom is the front runner for next in line because he's here for next camp and Gelinas still needs another year in the A.

Personally, I really want to see someone impress and take the leap.

Originally Posted by DEVILS ALL THE WAY View Post
Having posters throw their superior knowledge all over the place like the control the board is a sign of arogance and it get's on peoples last nerve. When you have someone saying "I hope I don't ever see your face again", it doesn't generally end real well... especially when someone took the time to write a long ass post, whitout any insults.

It's just funny that a couple of years ago Getzo had no clue about alot of players/coaches in the league, but now, he's mister hockey and is able to predict everything and will correct whoever doesn't agree.

There's a difference between having a debate/conversation with someone and telling someone he's wrong while throwing little jabs to make fun of him. Not everyone is on the same level here and there's Devils fans that are new to this sport and there's fans that were there in the Mickey Mouse era.

We should help and teach the posters who want to learn instead of calling them out with little pet names. That's were I draw the line with certain posters and Getzo passed that line a looooooooooong time ago.

Don't have to agree with anything I said, just wanted to be heard.
In a nutshell.

Originally Posted by Eggers View Post
I think we have better options than Harrold in our prospect pool, but I'll understand if Lou wants him back. He'd be a good 7th guy, but like Taormina, I feel like some team's gonna take a chance to give one of them a bigger, or at least full-time role.
Harrold knows his role as the 7th Dman. A guy like Urbom is either make the team, back to the A or get traded. I know it's tough with all the vet Dmen under contract, but I want the transition that started with Fayne/Larsson last year to continue this year. It would be nice to somehow have one more young D fight his way into the line-up.

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