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Originally Posted by haveandare View Post
Sucks that Prust is most likely gone. He was a good soldier and I liked the story of the guy who was told he was just an extra forward coming to NY and hitting his stride.

Does everyone think that there's absolutely no chance of him resigning? Say UFA day comes and he doesn't get anything much higher than what Sather offered, or he talked to the teammates and realized he wants to stay, etc. - you guys think Sather is petty enough to not resign the guy for the original amount offered because of the tweet? Sather wasn't exactly a gentleman about the whole thing. Seems stupid to be aggressive yourself and then blame your "opponent" for doing the same. You gotta hope building the best team possible overrides everything else in this case.
he'd probably be getting far less than the reported 1.8m if he came crawling back to sather.

Originally Posted by Hightide85 View Post
Sure, Sather shares some of the culpability, but as we learned in kindergarten; "two wrongs don't make a right".
prust did nothing but restate what sather said. management said they weren't "married" to prust. prust said he was married to the fans, but not management.
this is hockey. to think our fans get this ******** over a tweet that didn't even say anything... ... maybe sather should just drop the gloves and get it over with

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