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Originally Posted by NHL Fanatic View Post
You have to throw minor hockey out the window, its completely irrelevant now. The OHL is completely different game, players are older, stronger, faster, and goalies are a lot better. Not saying goal scoring won't translate but it will take him some time to adjust. There were many scorers in the past draft who did not live up to their goal scoring expectation.

Pencilling rookies into top 9 areas is fool hardy. Let them earn their ice on the bottom 3. Betzold, Tanus, Maguire and Cornel have yet to skate a shift in the OHL. Cornel comes with a high pedigree, so you put him in the top 9 and get him ice time. The others? You absolutely can not assume they will be good enough to be top 9 forwards.

Betzold has never played at a level near this, and was undrafted for two years, hes a project. Maguire will be 16 and bring a good honest effort, but needs to adjust to the pace of the game. I have no idea what Tanus will be, but so many Imports disapear as quickly as they come in, so until he proves it, hes a wildcard that you can't count on.

Imagine if they did play both Tanus and Betzold on the third line and both struggled mightily, Dave would get lit up by fans for not bringing in more depth.

Can't have it both ways.

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