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06-29-2012, 12:59 AM
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Originally Posted by daynus View Post
yah, carle is welcome back. but something around 5.75, 6 for 5 years, i wish the guy the best. man if carle gets 6, suter is gonna be good for 8. these contracts are getting out of hand. the best thing that happened in the nfl, was last years off season. now guys that deserve money get what they deserve. the price for a first round draft pick, for 4 years, is what it should be. the entire nhl is in trouble. they need to hang around with the nfl boys and learn how to run a league that is crazy profitable, how to pay guys what they are worth, and how not to overpay FAs to meet a teams need. i hope the cba fixes this problem. if it drags around too long, i would bring in robert kraft,jonathon kraft, jerry jones and show these boys how to run a team and a league.step 1 scrap the draft lottery. their are like 5 tie breakers set up to determine who is honestly the bottom team.
The problem is the stupid owners. They are the ones who drive up the salaries.

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