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06-29-2012, 12:37 AM
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Originally Posted by sbjnyc View Post
It my be more prevalent in football but many people think that being in the upper level is too high too see anything and wll take a crapy lower over a good upper.

BTW my computer is still in the upgrade tool (or did it reopen) and I see 3 seats in 213 right i front of mine (why couldnt it be 4 seats). There's also 8 seats in 209 and 2 seats in 226. The seats in 226 are row 12 seats 12-13 ... are those yours?
No I am 226 row 13 seats 17-18. I jumped pretty much at the first thing she said as i had piggybacks last year and just wanted them in the same row this year. I wonder if that pair is available and a little bit better wise. You can still use the upgrade tool?

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