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Originally Posted by NJHABSFAN View Post
Thats a Joke eh? Guy Lafleur was the best in the business. When he got drafted and he got drafted to a phenomenal team. A lot of expectations on him.
TBH, you grab those guys from the 70's and time-warp them to today and there's no way they make the NHL.

The training and workouts they do nowadays far eclipses what they had in place back then. Now that it's an international game as well there's so much more talent in the league and the difference between a first-liner and a third-liner is actually fairly minimal.

I doubt Lafleur and Cournoyer would have much to teach these guys in terms of actual training or technique.
If anything they might be able to motivate these guys, but I'm sure most have never seen them in action, so I doubt it would even have much impact.

Originally Posted by Habaneros View Post
NHL heights are ALL OVER THE CHARTS....some real, some fake ...

Fact is the skates make players taller ! list what ever height you want.

A player who is 6'1 he is goona be around 6'3 on skates...

The only height that matters is on skates,this isn't basketball.
This is an older comment, but has to be one of the most random ones I've read in a while.

Yes, the height is all over the place for some reason.

However, their height on skates is hugely irrelevant. Everyone's wearing skates and skates are all the same height. They're not playing against people in boots.

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