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Originally Posted by davedave View Post
Well, sure, but that's a truism.

I think it really depends on the temperature of Gomez. If he is a useless piece of trash who will never ever be near a Habs team again, then dealing Plekanec is pretty much out of the question. But I, as a new GM with a new coach, would go into training camp with Gomez on the notional roster. If Therrien comes back and says, "I have no room for this bum. We will win more games with a golden retriever on the roster than him," then it's time to make decisions on how to ditch him. But I would certainly expect at least that my new coach would properly evaluate him instead of hoping that I would simply vaporize him. A coach is supposed to coach.

Also, I think it depends on where the Habs are this year, in Bergevin's mind. I don't see them as a contender. They could make the playoffs, but it wouldn't surprise me either, as the team stands right now, that they miss the playoffs again while the young core matures and the the next wave of prospects develop. If the Habs are a few years away, as I think, then you have to have a plan. Eller and Desharnais are still young and cheap and, in Eller's case, full of upside. Gomez has been terrible and is expensive, but only for another two years. Being Timmins' top ranked player in the entire 2012 draft, Galchenyuk has to figure in the projected lineup two years from now. So, if you can squeeze some on-ice value out of Gomez for at least this year, then he becomes a decent placeholder, given that he is immoveable in any event.

As I see it, there are two basic trade scenarios for Plekanec. One, before training camp, he's a centrepiece in a proposed deal for Kane or Ryan or or some other rare young core player. If it's a good deal, especially looking past the next season, then you make it, even if that means clouds of uncertainty going into this training camp but sunshine rays of promise beyond that.

Two, during training camp, Gomez shows sign of life, which presents a dilemma -- 4 good top 3 centres, none of whom are suited for 4th line duties. In that case, I think you have to explore how good the offers would be for the veteran centre with the best trade value. If every other GM is looking for a rip-off, then you let Therrien deal with the rather pleasant problem of having too many good centres. Injuries, whether on the Habs or a team with dreams of contention, will soon resolve that dilemma.

Bottom line, trading Plekanec just to trade him is a dumb idea, but I do see it as a potential move with a lot of benefit, unless we assume that Gomez is a simple zero and that the Habs have a strong chance of being any good this year. I wouldn't make either assumption, and so I would be exploring just how valuable Plekanec might be in a trade to get a piece that will make the Habs better for a while, even if it only all comes together in a few years.
I don't think Therien has much of a say in the Gomez situation.

Because of his cap hit, they have to or probably have already made a call on his situation. You can't go into camp with a cap payroll of 74-75 mil and give Gomez a shot at making the team based on his on ice performance because the whole off season and moves made are dependant on having or not having that 7+ mil to spend on players. You can't make a run at Jagr Semin or Parenteau plus Salvador and Allen in July without knowing what you will do with Gomez.

At the end of the day to me it's a no brainer. 1-you just hired a young GM and should give him all the flexibility to do his job(no Gomez on roster or buyout) 2-you have your 3 top centers already lined up and Gomez is not a 4th liner

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