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Originally Posted by Lshap View Post
According to some people, our best player is always the next one. We love idealizing a player's future, but we utterly fail to appreciate what we have in the present.

- Plekanec is the most consistent, productive center we have.

- Lars Eller may possibly, hopefully, one day, become a 50-point player, which describes Plekanec in a BAD year!

- Plekanec's 29. In four years, he'll be 33, the same age as Cole is now.

- Plekanec gets the toughest assignments and is matched against the toughest opponents.

- Remember the many breakaways he got stealing the puck on the PK. Few players are as smart and quick as Plek.

- He has an amazing work ethic and is a great role model.

- Ask yourself who you'd expect in return for our 3rd pick. Now ask yourself if you seriously think another team would give up their top pick for Plekanec. A player of his calibre carries value, but not the kind of top-tier value the trade-lovers are hoping for. We'd get a good player in return, but not a top-5 pick, and then we'd be left with a massive hole where a 50-70 point two-way center used to be.



I guarantee if his name was Hebert there would be statues erected and holidays named for him in Quebec. But because he isn't a "pure laine" some people seem to just ignore the last 6-7 years of solid play

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