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Originally Posted by Levitate View Post
Why did he go to UW if he's so hell bent on playing in Canada now? That whole narrative is kind of weird to me. It's not like I can't understand why he'd want to play in his "home country", but from all accounts he was ready and willing to play for Anahiem right up until the point where something clicked and he bailed on them. He could have gone to the CHL and played, but instead went to an American University

Dunno, maybe he got sick of the US, but his actions up until now haven't exactly screamed "I will never consider playing for any place that isn't in Canada"

Maybe he was just waiting to see what the ruling on the ACA was
I just dont buy the whole Canada crap. He may very well still sign but to me its not because of that.

To me the factors are:

He has progressively gotten better at UW, becoming an elite NCAA defenseman.

He and his agents understand the rules under the cba. ANA had an awful year with trade rumors and a coaching change. He realized he could get out and choose where he wants to play with former teammates and friends on other teams as well as the prospect of playing at home

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