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06-29-2012, 08:58 AM
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Originally Posted by McRanger View Post
Its always the same people who derail these threads and and its never people looking to "hype" up our players. Look at the thread we are in. Is even remotely appropriate to be discussing Tarasenko here?
Is it appropriate to excoriate posters who don't want to toe the line, whose opinions run counter to the majority? Who brought up Tarasenko/Fowler in this thread? Even the idea of drafting a different player other than McIlrath is usually brought up not by the people who believe that, but by the people looking to denigrate someone for having an opposing viewpoint. Did you even bother to read through the thread before judging, or do you actually believe that people should be discouraged from sharing opposite viewpoints?

The Rangers have drafted, what, 5 forwards in the last 13 years in the first round? One is deceased and two are still prospects. The Rangers focus on drafting and developing defensemen. They build, unapologetically, from the goal out. This team isn't the late 90s Rangers, drafting forward after forward in the top half of the first round who bust.
You brought up Cherepanov, whose situation was very similar to Tarasenko's. A top 5 talent who dropped for financial concerns/transfer concerns. No one here had a problem when the Rangers drafted Cherepanov. When he passed away, that only made it all the more important that his skillset be replaced in the system.

I don't see what this has to do with the late 90s Rangers. The team needed a goalscoring forward just as much as it needed a big, physical defenseman. I didn't see anyone complaining about them drafting a forward with Miller or Kreider. And I don't think there are many teams in sports that have more to be apologetic about than the Rangers, but that's just my opinion.

Originally Posted by Trxjw View Post
I don't see the correlation, to be honest. I was addressing that posters point about the selection being short-sighted, when in reality, it was anything but. Our prospect pool in 2010 was leaning towards forwards. Kreider, Stepan, and Grachev were our top prospects. Del Zotto looked great, but McDonagh was a bit of an unknown quantity. Sanguinetti was floundering in the AHL. At the NHL level, Staal was a monster, but Rozy was getting older and Girardi was very inconsistent. We went through the entire year listening to the pundits tell us how soft we were as a team. The Rangers clearly thought the "fear factor" of McIlrath outweighed the goal scoring prowess of Tarasenko.

At some point, we're going to have a legitimate overflow of young, high-quality d-men. When that time comes, we can make a trade for a scoring forward. Who knows? Maybe we end up trading a lefty D-man to St. Louis for Tarasenko when he ends up not fitting in Hitch's system.
Didn't we go through that entire year watching how no one outside of Marian Gaborik could score goals for our team, too? Our prospect pool may have been leaning toward forwards, but we didn't have anyone like Tarasenko in our prospect pool. If you want to say that McDonagh was a bit of an unknown quantity, you'd have to say the same thing about Kreider and certainly about Grachev.

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