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Originally Posted by welcometothebigshow2 View Post
CHSB, you've gotta be crazy. As of right now Moncton has a much better team than Bathurst. I will break it down for you.
Bissonnette-OBrien-Hynes = Veilleux-Saulnier-Saulnier
Very close so I will give it a tie.
Zboril-Lalancette-Zdrahal< Jaskin-Barbashev-Lalonde
This isn't even close.
Salvail-Lafontaine-Stevens> Penny-Robichaud-Johnston
Bathurst's third line is better offensively, Moncton's is better defensively. Close, but will give edge to the Titan.
*Fourth line doesn't matter*
So far it's 1-1.

Houle-Godin < Downe-Melindy
This isnt close either. Monctons top pairing looks much better.
Monctons second pair is better without a doubt.
Davis-Robert < Sweeney-McGurty
Monctons third pair has better size, and is just all around better.
Moncton is winning 4-1.
If i could, Id give Moncton about 5 points here, they are that much better in nets, but I will be fair and give one point.
I will give another point to Moncton for their coaching, which is much better than Bathurst's. That makes it 6-1. Not even close. And Im not a Wildcats fan either. Its just common sense to know that Moncton is better. Sure, if Bathurst adds another top 6 forward, and two legitimate top pairing defenceman, they could be close. But right now, Moncton has a much better team.
We will have to disagree on this one as you are showing a clear lack of knowledge about the Titan.
For instance Davis never played defense for us and you are omitting young Gosselin who could very well have an impact right next season.

I concur to agree to disagree as the season will show different stuff....have a good summer.

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