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06-29-2012, 09:50 AM
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Originally Posted by chsb View Post
Bathurst might end up 5-10 points ahead of Moncton when everything is said and done.

as just about every other posters see them in the top-6....

Dude, just - just stop. When Moncton adds Barbeshev and Jaskin (to an already better roster than Bathurst) it's time to pack it in and just say see you on the ice instead of trying to debate your way to convince people that Bathurst is better. You talk about how the Titan can always buy with all their assets which are greater and more valuable than any other teams assets in the league... Yet Moncton just spent assets to get the #1 pick (euro) and still have picks and the big fish Shea. Quality over quantity.

You'll have to give to get (Lalancette, McDonald) if you want a PPQB.

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