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Originally Posted by Slangston View Post
The issue I have with this whole 'advanced' statistics thing, is that it doesn't take into account a players individual growth and development. It suggests players attributes are fixed, static, and are incapable of change/improvement.
They do not suggest a player attributes are fixed or static. Posters may use them to make such arguements but the stats themselves do not do that. They are a further breakdown of what the player has done to that point usually using's stats. They're used to get a better context. Do you complain about the stats on not factoring in future growth? Of course not that would be ridiculous

To steal from jfb ---> The majority of advanced statistics are simply re-purposed data from, so it's not like they are privately recorded or something.
The data is just scraped and formulas are applied.

Whose to say Ennis' game doesn't round-out over the summer? Perhaps the tore he went on late season instills confidence, giving him an mental edge next year. What if his game evolves to the point where match-ups won't be much of an issue.
You're completely missing the point of these stats. They are giving us a broader context of what a player has done up to this point in time. Its not predicting what he will or won't do.

Young players can't be measured in numbers and statistics.

What a bunk study.
Of course they can be measured with stats. What a silly statement.

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