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06-29-2012, 10:32 AM
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Originally Posted by guinness View Post
He was head of various HW and marketing divisions at RIM before he became the CEO, he's not without blame in all this. His problem is that's he's the CEO of RIM ATM.

RIM's problem is that they're really backing themselves in a corner...BB10 will be post iOS 6, WP 8, JB, and openwebOS (FWIW).

And for the most part, those are all mature platforms, even webOS that's been around circa 2009. BB10 is coming out fresh, with little dev and ecosystem support.

RIM would have to pull of an Apple, a la iPod to turn things around, but I've never seen another company like Apple, one that they have a cult following, and two, they tend to be more innovative/capable of judging trends, and delivering on their roadmap and goals.

I went with an underdog with my first smartphone (Pre+), and while the UI was nice, and some other aspects, having dev support now is so crucial, and it's why I got an iPhone to replace it. A web browser can only do so many things.
That's not entirely true. BlackBerry 10 is based on the QNX (BBX) platform that is currently in use on the BlackBerry PlayBook.

For all the crap the PlayBook takes the current PlayBook OS is Very good.

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