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Originally Posted by tsanuri View Post
Even if the cap goes down. Lets give the owners everything and make it 50%, which I don't think they will get this time around. That would make the cap for next year almost the same as it was for this year at 64.17 vs 64.3. Now if the cap does go down there has to be an adjustment someplace and I doubt the players would give money back again so I suspect that the amount of any signed contract would hit at whatever percent it went down. So when we take in the rate the league is growing moving the share down to 50% is really only taking one year off the table before things go back to where they are now. And since there are no "superstars" coming off the books next year I would say we are in very good shape even with a reduction and taking a run at Parise.
I believe cap is at 57% of revenue. If that is the case then (50/57) x $70.2M = $61.58M.

If the cap goes down, I do not think the owners will ask to slash salaries. I would think that they would give an allowance to teams over the cap and give them a year or two before making it a hard cap for everyone.

Due to budget cuts, the light at the end of the tunnel will be turned off
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