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06-29-2012, 10:47 AM
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Originally Posted by joshjull View Post
They do not suggest a player attributes are fixed or static. The issue is you don't understand the stats. They are a further breakdown of what the player has done to that point using's stats. They're used to get a better context. Do you complain about the stats on

To steal from jfb ---> The majority of advanced statistics are simply re-purposed data from, so it's not like they are privately recorded or something.
The data is just scraped and formulas are applied.
I understand the stats quite well, and aware that they're recorded on a game-to-game basis. Perhaps I should have stated my position more clearly. I take issue with someone using 'advanced' statistics to suggest moving an immature still-improving player. There are many variables to consider when weighing and evaluating a players worth. Variables that require the use of the 'eye', and can't be measured by numbers. I'd argue that player projection for the most part is done with the 'eye'.

Originally Posted by joshjull View Post
You're completely missing the point of these stats. They are telling us what he has done to this point. Its not predicting what he will or won't do.
Again, I understand their purpose. I just find fault in the use of these statistics to suggest moving a still developing asset.

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