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Originally Posted by Nighthock View Post
Can anyone explain the Phoenix situation like I'm 5 years old? All this legal mumbo jumbo makes my eyes glaze over ...
My understanding is that the Goldwater group stepped in during the last potential sale because it was so slanted in favor of the buyer (and not the tax payers). Goldwater is basically a taxpayer oversight group. So now that they are involved, even though the Jamison deal is marginally better for the city, the Goldwater group is in CYA mode. They still don't like the deal, think it is bad for the tax payers, and are threatening the city/Jamison (if the deal goes through) with a lawsuit.

It's basically a giant mess and it's very unlikely to get totally untangled for years, especially if they do finalize a sale. Goldwater could take them to court for years, and city officials are in political danger over the situation.

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