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Originally Posted by RGY View Post
Pittsburgh could very well sign Parise to an enormous contract. But I'm sorry, having Malkin, Crosby, Neal, Parise, Orpik, Martin, Michalek, and Letang does not equal cups.

Instead of paying Parise 7.5 or whatever he will get, they should split that up into 3 or 4 players, forward and defense. Because frankly they are not better than NYR, BOS, and PHI.
If the Pens roll into the PO's with a healthy Crosby, they have a shot to beat anyone. They already did it once with a cheap supporting cast and arguably less talent. It won't be easy but there will be older players willing to give it a go for one year for a ring and some young players will pan out.

On their last Cup team, if you remove Crosby, Malkin, Gonchar and Fleury from the equation, only one other player (Orpick) had a cap hit of even $3MM!

Originally Posted by RGY View Post
Staal was going to be departing no matter what unless he accepted a discount from what he'd get on the open market, from the Penguins. They offered him that and he said no. They weren't going to be able to keep the big 3, especially after they added Neal's contract. And it's not like they are going to ship Neal out when he is young, scores goals, and plays the wing as opposed to center.
Staal left because he didn't want to be 3rd banana on the team not because of money. We'll see where Staal's production tops out but I'm not sure he'll ever be a point per game player, which would mean he wouldn't be worth one of the top end contracts anyway.

Originally Posted by RGY View Post
I understand they have generational talents but you need players to surround them. You need depth. You need defense to win championships. They dont have that. Guys like Vitale and Adams, those types of players can't hold other teams 4th line's jock straps. They are horrendous.
I guess it all depends on your definition of "generational talent" but other than Crosby, they don't have any in my book. You can't be called a generational talent if other players are scoring as much as you. Malkin's one of the best scorers in the league, no doubt, but in any given year D. Sedin or Stamkos or OV or Backstrom could outscore him. Don't mean to get off topic but wanted to mention that.

Originally Posted by RGY View Post
WAS is getting worse by the day though it looks like they may finally have a goaltender now. Need to replenish their defense and replace Semin.

NJ is still not a very good team to me. They had good depth. They played a very tired rangers team because I still think our bottom 6 was better than theirs and our defense as a whole was better too, just a few mental lapses by del zotto who was fantastic all year. They are losing some of those depth forwards as well as parise.

FLA is not going to be able to overcome the better teams in the East. They will compete but they don't have enough to outlast those teams.

I mean those are just a few teams. Playoff teams from last year. I left out OTT for now. I put PHI ahead of Pittsburgh because imo their defense is improving and right now is better than PIT. You can't win without defense. Fleury's confidence was shot in that playoff series. He couldn't catch a break. It was a constant attack on him.
The NHL and, I guess, the NFL are the most unpredictable sports. Teams win the Cup and then struggle the next year. An 8 seed won the Cup this year. The stars have to align just right for a team wo win the Cup. Saying the Pens, or any other team, will be better or worse next season than any other playoff team from this season is nothing to bank on.

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