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Originally Posted by newyorker View Post
You guys still haven't figured it out. Sudbury is not a place for players to be recognized or drafted. Gone are the Foligno days, a hockey name people respected. They came to watch cause he asked them to come. Who do scouts want to come see now? No one, why because scouts were watching players like Sgarbossa getting all the ice because the coach had different agenda's. What scout wants to come watch the players in their draft year, when they are reading the signals from the coach that they are not good enough, that's the signal you are sending. Why would players want to come to Sudbury now? If you look at any other organization, no matter how a player looked in his draft year, that coach put them out there for the world to see, it's called promoting. It's not only about the individual player, it's about the overall perspective of the Organization as a whole, the better the Organization looks, the more the players want to come. In Sudbury with this coach you will never see him promote his rookies. It's unreal, and it looks good on the organization. Look at Erie, only 10 wins the whole year, they were dead last in their division, yet they always found ways to promote their players. Who got drafted from Erie, a player who had a record high of minus 72. GO FIGURE !!! His coach didn't give up on him, he put him out there and let him get recognized. Change your mentality when it comes to rookies if you want them to stay more than a couple of years. Build on them, build their confidence, don't give up on them because they had a bad shift or were having a bad day. I wonder what will happen to Baptiste, Silk, and whomever else you have eligible for next year's draft, only time will tell.

You had some good players eligible and couldn't even get one drafted. You should all be patting yourselves on the back. Oh ya, I forgot, the intention this year was to have Sgarbossa win the scoring title. At what cost? I would be surprised if any of those boys return and the ones that have been drafted take a serious look at your options if you want any kind of attention from any scout in the future. I'm so glad that I don't have kids in hockey today. The politics of today's hockey are way too much for me to put up with.
As a parent, if you have an issue with the coach, talk to him. I have found that its the only way to get any kind of feedback.

If you are unhappy with the answer, then pull your kid off the team, simple as that. No one is forcing him to stay there. Our 92 had struggles in the OHL, I didn't run to HFboards to take shots at our coach, I let the kid find his way. Having me or his mom run to his rescue all the time wont help him in the future. Kid has to fight his own battles.

Taking pot shots at coaches anonymously does nothing for you, trust me, I've seen countless parents do it, and never once has it amounted to a thing.

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