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06-29-2012, 11:46 AM
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Originally Posted by MagicSlap View Post
Kruger is not great defensively. A great defensive player has great position, backchecks well, helps clear the crease (for centers), wins faceoffs (for centers), and makes the players around him better. Kruger is above average positionally, that's it.

His offensive numbers were a mirage since his assits were basically a result of other players making good plays, not him. He scored goals by going to the net, a player with his size and strength I just don't see that being a viable long term game plan for him. He already had a concussion playing that way this year.

Not saying he's got no future but he doesn't belong in the NHL, especially not as a center, especially not on a supposed contender.
It's funny, I never see Bolland clearing the crease or winning the majority of his faceoffs.. I'd say he's pretty damn good defensively.

And Kruger does backcheck well.. he's almost always the first guy back on the backcheck and routinely fills in at the point for pinching Dmen:

His offenisve numbers weren't a mirage.. for every "cheesy" assist you point too I can just as easily point to a nice set-up that wasn't finished.

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