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Originally Posted by rt View Post
Generally I would agree that reoccuring injuries are more worrisome.

HOWEVER...not in the case of Connor Murphy. He had a back problem that kept him from playing any hockey of any kind from age seven to age seventeen (or something like that ). Then he blows out a knee and misses nearly another year. Bot before coming back and suffering a should/neck/concussion (did we ever find out?), and now his arm is in a cast.

I'm sorry, this guy needs to be a pillow salesman, not a hockey player.

Wasted asset.

EDIT: With less hyperbole, he has played 125 games TOTAL the last four years combined. This includes midget hockey in Ohio, international tournaments, and these most recent OHL playoffs.

That's barely thirty games a year. Between the ages of fifteen and nineteen. These are the most important development years of his life and he spends more time sitting out than playing. Now he's hurt AGAIN and missing even more development time. He should be in this rookie camp, gaining valuable experience. Instead he's standing around in a cast. All he ever does is stand around in a cast.
It was a risky pick, obviously, but a lot of those injuries came after the draft, and I don't think they could have been foreseen. He's not Elijah Price.

Most injury prone players are prone for one of two reasons. Either they have one recurring injury (not the case) or they play a reckless style that their body can't handle (doesn't seem to be the case either). So either Murphy actually has a skeleton made of pretzel rods, or he's been really, really, really unlucky. If it's the latter (and I still think it is), he's no more or less likely to get hurt the rest of the way. He's obviously lost a ton of development time, but the Coyotes can afford to be patient with him.

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