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06-29-2012, 02:05 PM
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Originally Posted by Giroux tha Damaja View Post
That assumption is incorrect, but it's not your fault. I just put the premise of my point out there with out ever clearly making it, so it's understandable you took it how you did. I said what I did more to emphasize that MAB and Gus are certainly not less deserving of a shot at the top four than Schultz at this point (and no, they are probably not inferior hockey players to him overall once we get past the hype).

I did not make the comparison in order to imply that Schultz can't step in as a decent 4/5 guy. In fact I think MAB or Gus fit best as 4/5/6 guys (though Gustaffson probably has some upside to be more a little than that IMO). Schultz just makes little sense for the Flyers. We already have comparably capable defenseman on the roster that have shown more at the NHL level. If we make moves or sign guys, it should be to improve at a roster spot as opposed to clog the depth chart. And though it wasn't my point with my previous post, yes I believe penciling Schultz into the line up is probably a lateral move at best this season, given the growing pains Schultz is likely to go through, and we don't know that it's an improvement in seasons going forward.

Homer would be better served to let the guys he has now play and get better. This team has plenty, plenty of talent. They just need a year or two of the roster not being over-managed to gel and I think they can be awesome.
You're still missing the point of my post. I said IF the hype is true and he lives up to it. IF that is the case then he would be an improvement over MAB or Gus. If you honestly think that MAB and Gus are top four defensemen, then I guess you just don't agree with what I am saying, but I don't know how you could think MAB or Gus is a top four defenseman at this point in their careers, seeing as how neither have shown the ability to even be a consistent 5/6 defenseman in the league. And again, that post was NOT saying that I think Schultz is going to live up to the hype or even that he IS better than either of these two, simply that IF HE DOES live up to his hype (that being that he could step in as a top four defenseman right now), he would be an improvement over those two.

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