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06-29-2012, 01:31 PM
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Originally Posted by Levitate View Post
lol, reports are that Oilers presentation was "very impressive"

This is so ridiculous.

edit: This is me being mean, and I'm probably just dumb and wrong, but I think it would be a stupid decision to sign with Edmonton. They're a poorly run team struggling to bring along their young players and just hoping they hit the jackpot enough times that they don't have to worry about actually developing a winning culture on the team, just keep throwing out high draft picks and letting them do their thing and hey then it'll -work out eventually right?

I think Edmonton is a ****** place to go if you're a young player who wants to not only win, but to get better at the game and actually learn how to be a star instead of sinking or swimming
i disagree. they have the best potential future of any current team. i wouldn't shut them off. i'd rather play there than toronto or vancouver as a 20 year old kid BUT... he has the opportunity to win a cup now... he can sign with any contender that he wants. why sign with a team that probably won't be a contender for a few years?

to be completely honest imo ny offers the best opportunity right now. edm offers the best for the future. if he signs in vancouver then he is a racist.

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