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Originally Posted by hototogisu View Post
You fail to see the worry? What happens if Halak doesn't want to come here? Sure he liked it here, but that would have been 4 years ago. Or maybe someone's going to offer him a bigger contract than we do. Same thing with Miller. I don't know how you can't see that planning the most important position on your team around who might be available and who might sign here is a terrible idea.

Pretty hard to say what we'd get in a return for Price, but you're also seemingly forgetting that he doesn't have a contract right now, which drops his value some. So either we have to sign and trade him (almost never happens in the NHL anymore) or we have to take what we can get for an unsigned Price...and goalies historically don't bring back proven, NHL-ready talent in trades anyway.

No i don't worry about another goalie ,you got Brodeur for 2 years.
There is help in 2013 if you need it ....example Nabakov can hold the fort .

Anyway 6.50-7 million dollar Price , what happens if he stumbles in next 2 yrs with that contract? There's risk everywhere.

All i say is this team is better trading Price.....if there was no goalies avail like Brodeur or Miller or etc etc , i would NEVER propose this idea.

Price's value NHL wide is sky high to a lot of teams , that is a fact with or with out a contract.
If it means Montreal getting back a Toews like player ,and a boat load, i pull the trigger ,because one i feel Brodeur can put up 2 years of service, and even in 2013 there are names than are starters in NHL, like Smith or Nabakov, Backstrom etc...

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