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Originally Posted by Tigers1992 View Post
How do you know?

Hes played half a year in Georgetown, where he was not even the starter. I rarely saw him play, not sure how others could have.

Careful abut overhyping the kid. He has not proven anything yet. Has good potentail, but so have so many other goaltenders. Let his play on the ice dictate his future, not hype.

Why? What does his draft year have to to with the Petes? He needs to earn his job, not be handed it beause he needs to be 'showcased'. I've never seen a team give a job to a kid because its his draft year. Be it a 1st round OHL pick, or a kid picked in the 1st round of the NHL draft. Every 17 year old needs or earn his spot.

Hes 17, not many 17 year olds have the ability to start at that age. Those who do, like Matt Murray, struggle. To much to put on a kid who only played 30 games in the OJHL, and has never taken the ice on the OHL.
I've watch Giggy play a fair bit and have watched him play in the OJHL and would have to say he's a solid goalie. But I would agree that it's a bit of stretch to see him as a starting goalie as a 17 year old. Having watched him for many years I would have to say I know what area he's had issues with but I believe maturity and experience would (and have to a degree already) help him.

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