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06-29-2012, 02:13 PM
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The Titan, the Titan, the Titan this.. The Titan that... The Titan aren't better then Moncton..

No matter how many ways you spin it Moncton>>>Bathrust...... Moncton is looking like the clear cut favorite to win the Q... And they have yet to fill out their 3rd line... And have one of the best lines in Juinor.... And IMO perhaps the best 2nd line in the Q !!!

Bathrust are a 1 line team... Granted that Line is TOP 5 in the CHL.. Thats not enough..

When Danny Flynn wants to win he goes all out, and builds a complete team... Moncton will add a Tesink type... And maybe another 3rd liner to play on their 4th..

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