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06-29-2012, 02:16 PM
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Originally Posted by jeh82 View Post
...ok, I'll acknowledge he can't fight.

But if his defensive deficiencies mean he can't be a Flyer, someone should show Danny B. the door.

Actually, I'll go further. In a hypothetical top-six of:


Semin is at worst 3rd best--behind Voracek and Giroux. He's actually a pretty good back-checker, if you watch Capitals games.

This notion that he doesn't care is pretty absurd: if you talk to Capitals fans, which, as a ex-patriated Flyers fan living in D.C. for six years, I've been blessed to do, they'll tell you that few players on that team are more affected by losing that Semin; he just has never been one to communicate with the press, and that, combined with stereotypes about Russian players, has perpetuated a mischaracterization of his playing style.

If his name was Alexander Smith, he'd be regarded as possessing average defensive abilities for a top-line scorer at worst.

That being said, I'm pretty sure most Flyers fans, and the bulk of the press corp, share your assumptions about Semin. For that reason alone, he probably wouldn't work out real well here.
Perhaps I just haven't seen enough Caps games, but from everything that I have heard and seen is that he doesn't go 100% all the time and has never been impressive defensively. The fact that he cares after a loss is different from giving it your all every shift. Again, maybe I just haven't seen him enough, but the things I have seen and the things I have read do not scream Flyers hockey. And while I understand that the Flyers don't have great defensive forwards, it is clear that they are trying to change that. Now if I am wrong and he really isn't as bad defensively and does give it his all 100% of the time, that is a different story. But I don't think the Flyers want another whiny, half-hearted, slacking, Russian on the team.

Originally Posted by BernieParent View Post
Though I don't want him on the Flyers either, that's a bit of a strawman on Semin. He looked good in the playoffs and would (as others have said) be signed to snipe home Giroux's set-ups. That being half-heartedly offered as a rebuttal, I wouldn't want what he will be seeking given the holes in his game.
I never said he wasn't a good player just that he would not be a fit here.

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