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Originally Posted by Thorton02 View Post
How so? I'm not bagging try to bag on Grigorenko, but they're numbers were identical. The knock on Grig's was his effort/intangables so naturally I'm drawn to look at the stats. There's a similarity there and based on the fact that Buffalo has never drafted and developed a #1 center since I've been watching them, it's not unfair to call me skeptical.

Obviously, time will tell and maybe Grigorenko has shown much more maturity than Zags ever did, but they were drafted at the same spot, put up the same numbers in the same league yet the expectations for Grigorenko so far have exceeded anything I remember for Zagrapan.
Well, that's because you shouldn't look solely at stats.
If you're going to though, you have to acknowledge that Zagrapan was the fourth highest scoring player on his team in a higher scoring era than today.
He was also the third highest scoring first time eligible Q player that year.
Grigorenko was second on his team, only to OA and linemate Frédérick Roy, and was the highest scoring first time eligible and it wasn't close.

Another thing to keep in mind is that Zagrapan played his rookie season as an 18 year old for much of the time, as he is a late birth (12-06-86).
Grigorenko was 17 during all of his rookie season (5-16-94) and was more dominant in individual aspects of the game such as goal scoring.

One can also assume that Zagrapan was playing second line minutes with the quality of older players the Sags had and that he also had better linemates, while Grigorenko played first line minutes with an OA that was never PPG before and considered a defensive forward and a 16 year old rookie.

However, if Grigorenko wasn't injured down the stretch, he would have had over 100 points and we wouldn't be having this conversation.
He's a better prospect, hands down.
I didn't see Zags at the Q level, but Grigorenko has been a force at every single level I've seen him play at (U17, U18, U19, U20, MHL, QMJHL) and has been highly touted for years (most Russians hold him in higher regard than Yakupov).
As Woodhouse said, he has some of, if not the best tools in his draft class.

I saw Zagrapan play in the AHL and KHL, and he was awful and didn't show flashes of anything special.
The only thing unique about him is his unibrow.

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