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Originally Posted by Cupmonger View Post
Nope, sorry to you good sir. Goalies don't have that much of a value. Contract wise, they do. But not in trades. Price is a great goalie. But unless the goalie you're trading is Roy or Brodeur like, in other words, a guaranteed HHOFer. You're not going to get as much as you say out of a trade. Even if money wise, the contract's good or same. Heck, Roy when he was traded didn't get us such a great return.

If you trade Price, you'll get something along the area as Eller. A player that we'll put on 3rd line, max.

Goalies just don't have that great a value. Each goalie trade shows that.

Besides, as far as I know, Blackhawks are content with Crawford.

Nope. Not gona happen. Price has value, but no GM would trade that much for any goalie.

The Flyers always prove it to the league that they can go far into the playoffs without having a good #1 goalie. In the regular season, goalies will steal games. In the playoffs, a good goalie stays solid and make a difference, but success is always mostly thanks to the team in front of the goalie.
Ahhhh sorry.

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