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Originally Posted by Cupmonger View Post
He does mention that we could (potentially) get a player like Toews. If he's offered.

But that's the thing, no team would trade such a valuable player, no matter the goalie. Even if it's not Toews, say Sharp... That's a big if.

He also says that since Nash gets a big return that Price will get some big return as well. But they both play different positions.

There isn't a single goalie that has ever brought such a caliber player that he mentions.

If somehow, a team does mention trading such a player for Price. Then I'd consider. But no GM in their right mind would offer such a thing, history shows...

Garth Snow wanted to give all his picks in the draft ,for 2nd over all.
I say you don't know, until you see what other teams offer.

It's a hockey decesion, like Pittsburgh and Carolina .....they both loved the players they traded.
At the end of the day it was a hockey decision ,not love.

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