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06-29-2012, 03:12 PM
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Genres I listen to: Pop and Rock (but mostly French and Italian of these) and WORLD MUSIC...

Favourite genre: (determined by the artists)...

Favourite artists: Mylene Farmer,Laura Pausini,Nek, Gianluca Grignani,Giorgia, Alessandra Amoroso,Irene Grandi,Celine Dion(but only when she sings Jean-Jacques Goldman songs in French), Claudio Baglioni,Tizziano Ferro,Gigi D'Alessio.....and in world music: Yasmine Levy,Idan Raichel, Habib Koite,Salif Keita,Cheikh Lo,Ismail Lo,Eryka Badu...

AS you can see I do not listen to much of the garbage that passes for muisic on the American,English and Canadian English pop and rock "star" commercial playlists ...I also hate country and heavy metal genres...I like listening to music in foreign languages --especially Italian pop nd pop rock artists --even though I do not speak Italian-but the music and artistry are so good from so many gret artitss there...I do speak and understand a bit of French and so I can enjoy certain artits singing in that language... I love african world beat music and the special Israeli Hebrew/ethiopian and middle east fusion mix that Idan Raichel puts into his projects --AND the
ethereal Spanish/Ladino albums of Israeli singer Yasmin Levy ...

If I had to single out the 2 singers whose CD's I play the most it defintely would be NEK and GIANLICA GRIGNANI ---all of NEK's Cd's are great whether in the Italian or Spanish versions (I do speak and understand some Spanish BUT I prefer him in his origibal Italin versions)...GRIGNANI is a music genius --I particularly like his
Il Re del Niente and Romantico Rock Show Cd's --but he has produced iconic songs like Destiazione Paradiso that even pop stars like Laura Pausini have covered in their versions..Grignani is a genius of singer-songwriting and has gotten better in production values over time in his own performances on the Cd's..

I do not go to concerts -mainly because the artits i like are foreign stars who do not tour in my city...I have seen a laura Pausini concert on video though --her famous
2007 live concert at San Siro the big Milan Soccer stadium --absolutely GREAT--
and so one day i hope to see her and/or one of my other favourite Italian pop and pop-rock singers like Nek or Grignani in a live concert in Italy ..OR if I go to Paris ,maybe a Mylene Farmer concert at the Olympia or at Bercy...

Bieber,Gaga, American hip-hop and gangsta rap--its all DRECK! There is a WORLD of real unique and gifted musical artits out there -unfortunately they do not get heard much in the claptrap of American or Canadian "popular" music stations --foreign language is one issue--but when the music is not only good but GREAT -if you had any sense of "QUALITY" you would listen to the stuff i like and not the lowest common denominator 'pap' that passes for "music' on the North American airwaves and what remains in the ever fewer music store outlets...
No only are today's youth no longer buying CD's ,they prefer downloading just songs they like from their favourite "artists" off itunes ...The result is a pandering to both the trendy and a tiring repetition of so much similar styles and genre sing by numbers
treatments that it is all blending into the same blob of music we've heard before -only the video going with the music is the 'art' now-the music has lost originality or important is all so tiring and rendundant and even the "stars" singing it are really not that talented or offer much substance...a few can sing (like Rhianna) but her stuff is all so repetitive and geared to the video that as the video stories change you think you are getting originality when in fact the music sounds about the same --same beats,same hooks....bleah...Bieber is tween girl candy -that is it..
And I hate that leaves me to flee offshore where can find gebuinely original songwriter-singer artits-despite not singing in English ...

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