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Originally Posted by Cupmonger View Post
That's the same reason why most players would sign or stay here in the first place. These players would only consider us if we pay more, because of the pressure. There's no avoiding it until we get a team that plays excellent hockey season after season, when an off year is a bit more acceptable then it is now, if it's even possible in Montreal.

Besides, that can happen with anyone.
This team isn't built for a 7 million dollar goalie..... That is the problem.
The problem is the fan don't care about that,they only see the 7 million dollar player, and if the Habs slide , Price is target number 1.

No one booed Rivet at 1 .5 million...No one bood Breezer at 1.5 million .....You get my point .They took much bigger salary 3.5 million Rivet 4.5 million Breezer and it was Daggers to the back from fans,right out of town ...Same with Theodore when he took 5 million.

So just remember all this .

Have you ever seen Habs fan booing a guy out of town ,making 1 million or less?

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