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Originally Posted by Habaneros View Post
I leave it at this,

leaving a 7 million dollar goalie in MONTREAL with a sub par team in front of him , is like what Gauthier did last year to the team.LEFT IT EXPOSED.

PRICE at 6.5-7 mill, bullseye on the back, and IMHO is left exposed in this market if your not icing a cup contending team.
There will be no mercy , fans wont realize or even care this team isn't a contender...The scrutiny will go to the guy making the bigger dollars.
You may not hear the booing. But fans still want players like Weber, Diaz and Darch out of here...

So your point is, you're afraid that a player will get boo'ed for one season of playing ****?

Remember what happened to Plekanec? I'll grant you he wasn't making as much as he did today (if memory serves me well). HELL, we haven't even heard that much about Gomez yet. The hole league things his contract is **** and that his performances match that. Yet, for a fanbase that unanimously want him out of town, we're pretty awfully quiet about it.

So for a legit goaltender in Price to be making 7 mil, which I doubt he'll get, is not a big deal. Besides, nothing guarantees us that Brodeur will put up same numbers as he did in NJ. Yes, he's proven to be excellent. But this hole time you keep saying "what if?". And the same can be asked for Brodeur...

Fans will be fans. They'll always look at players and only care about the point totals and not what else they bring. Or in a goalie's case, they only see save% and GAA, and not why it all happened.

We could have thought the same for Cole before signing him. Turned out great.

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