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Originally Posted by stocky View Post
I feel like this is some kind of hockey AA. Haha. Well, here is my story, as humble as it is.

I played street hockey as a kid as early as I can remember. I lived in a culdisac so there wasn't a lot of traffic to interrupt the games. Grew up in St Louis, and I loved watching the Blues. I begged my parents to let me play hockey. They were sympathetic, but couldn't afford the money or time to let me play hockey, so I played baseball (like my brothers) instead. I then moved overseas to Poland (which is surprisingly not a hockey country as all even though its right by Czech Republic and Russia is very close as well) and still was unable to play hockey. I moved to MN, (a dream for any hockey fan) but somehow never found time or money to invest in playing hockey. I joined the Marines and got stationed in SoCal.

Fast forward to today, and here I am, still thirsty for hockey. I just bought all my equipment (minus skates) at Play it Again Sports, when I was visiting back home in MN. The closest rink to me is about 40 min away, so I have been playing roller (by myself) on a small sport court rink I found that was closer. I'm planning on going to stick time at least every other week or so to get a feel for what its like to play on ice. Maybe next year I could join some kind of beginners league. Who knows?
dont be afraid to find pick up roller hockey. i jumped ahead a lot quicker on shooting, and puck handling. youll get used to being in skates and doing things at speed (as you play more games). the pucks are lighter, which in someways helps because your technique, especially outdoors will need to be just a tad bit tighter on shooting due to wind resistance. check or google the rink you play at, and you may be surprised to find there are some games that get played there. especially if its sport court. generally youll get a lot of 4v4 3v3 half court hockey so lots of offensive zone time, etc.

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