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11-29-2003, 06:37 PM
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This coming from a guy who is hated around the entire site. I don't really care what you think on this mate. The truth is that you are probably here doing the same thing you have done on the Mighty Ducks page and the rest. Sure this is better than your usual "it is great that so and so got injured" or some of your other peaches but please, go away with this tripe. It isn't my place to say so I appologize in advance for my strong position in stating that I would think this a better place if you weren't allowed in it but that is the way I see things. I bet after this post it will be a mutual feeling but mate, you are one of those attention starved blokes in my reckoning that just isn't happy unless they are going around making stink.

You are probably lying on this one as in your other posts and I feel that you should do us a favor and delete it. It is slander for you to alledge such a thing and even if it wasn't, this is a Kings *fan* page. Why do you think we care about your lie anyway? We are here because we actually bloody well like the team. Take your lies with ya mate.

Sorry if I offended anyone else by this, it wasn't my intention. I just spend time checking out other teams as my time at HF is limited and where I live there isn't many who will talk hockey with me and this fellow does allot of things that make us Kings fans look pretty bad. I don't take to that nonsense so like I said, I apologize if I put anyone off their lager.

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