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06-29-2012, 05:52 PM
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Originally Posted by Nordique View Post
I'm with ya Fro, he's really the only strong shutdown guy I see on this roster, but I've accepted that its not a popular opinion here....not just one or two nay sayers, but alot folks here would like to move Methot.

He needs to step up this year and earn that money. He has the ability and the right attitude, just gotta execute. He's in his prime, earning probably the best money he'll see in his career, its time for him to lead on the ice. Thats really the last piece to a pretty solid defense overall.
It's the same as the people who are so bullheaded about selecting Ryan Murray ... you will never convince those people that you actually need people who know how to play defense before you can win.

I don't like the dollars we spent on Methot, but for what he brings, I also don't think that it's entirely unreasonable. I'd be happier if he were in the $2.5 mill/year range, so I really can't say that $500k would be enough to make me mad about the contract.

We actually have a capable defense for the first time in our history. If they play competitively, we should be a more competitive team just due to that fact:

Johnson/Murray ... I do believe Murray will make the team, and JJ is a great guy to mentor him. Call me a homer if you want, but I've seen the kid play more than 100 times, and I know exactly why we used the #2 overall pick (and turned down 7 additional picks) to get him.
Tyutin/Wisniewski ... I'm not crazy about this pairing, but as a second pair (not playing against opposition's top lines), this is a serviceable (if expensive) duo.
Moore/Nikitin/Methot/Savard/Goloubef/whoever ... with this kind of depth, we are in good shape. When guys like Moore, Savard, and Goloubef have to actually compete for roster spots, it will force them to play harder, or at least work harder to develop and learn all of the fundamentals before EARNING their spot in the lineup.

If we get a solid offer for Methot and decide to move him, then so be it ... but I only hope that this is a direct result of us being deep enough on defense that we can spare him. This would mean guys like Moore, Savard, or Goloubef actually out perform him in camp. Would any of us be disappointed if that happened?

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